1966 Livingstone Memorial Bridge


1966 Livingstone Memoria Bridge wmAs I buy and acquire better photographs, I’m upgrading the previous copies I had with higher resolutions. This postcard is of David Livingstone Memorial Bridge, taken in 1966. As always, the un-watermarked copy is held for Blantyre Project Publications and Exhibitions, but if you would like a copy of any un-watermarked photo, feel free to ask me.

A cyclist  makes his way from the Blantyre side over the 2nd bridge which spans the River Clyde to Bothwell. a shadowy figure lurks adjacent to the bridge perhaps trying to get out the way of the photographer. I’ve heard stories of people taking their cars over this bridge!

This is NOT the bridge there today. A third bridge was built in 1999, replacing this one pictured demolished in Summer 1999.

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Anthony Smith I’ve used it as a shortcut on my motorbike.Triumph Thunderbird.650 c.c.,s.

The Blantyre Project I’ve heard a Mini could cross it too!

Jane Maxwell I walk over this bridge many times with my father. We both worked at Honeywell in Uddingston. This is a really good photo.

The Blantyre Project This bridge, Jane was demolished in 1999, but a new, larger better built one now stands at the same location. 😉

Jane Maxwell That should have read I Walked over this bridge. That was in the seventies not only has the bridge been replaced but Honeywell is no longer in Uddingston. We moved away from Blantyre in the late eighties so I was not aware the bridge had been replaced. We moved back around 12 years ago. I love your work about Blantyre well done to you.

David Baillie Does anyone know who used to stay in the house at the bridge in the 1800s my dad said it was one of his relations

John Duffy Used to bounce sometimes when i crossed it going to work in mount vernon


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