Dunallan Loop, Blantyre

Dunallan Loop – In 1903 the Hamilton, Motherwell & Wishaw Tramways Company constructed a single line tram network that ran from a terminus at David Livingstone Memorial Church, all the way along Glasgow Road eastwards towards Hamilton Cross, where it branched towards Larkhall, Motherwell and Wishaw.

In 1907, the Glasgow Tram Company decided to extend their network from their existing terminus at Cambuslang, by laying a new track westwards towards Blantyre. Passengers travelling on a Lanarkshire tram had to alight at a section of track on Glasgow Road named Dunallan Loop, (named after an adjacent former house) if they wished to continue on to Glasgow.

This halt was situated outside 336 Glasgow Road, not far from the westend. It was near the current entrance to Coatshill Avenue.

A loop at this point, essentially a doubling up of tracks, then became a passing place allowing the trams to manouvere for return journeys. Loops like these had been constructed all along the network and were often used as passing points.

Dunallan Loop was lifted in 1930, when the road was realigned following the cessation of the trams, although the name existed another decade or so as a stop for buses.

1910 Dunallan Loop

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