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Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 20.37.14Naked Feedback – The contemporary rock band was founded in Blantyre in 2013 when all members who had known each other throughout their lives from being part of the Boys Brigade decided to from a group to play at their award ceremony.

Since that moment the band has grown and matured, playing gigs throughout Glasgow to growing and more impressed audiences.

The band has played charity gigs for Kidney Research UK and festivals such as Gravity Fest at the o2 ABC. Dean Anderson is the singer and rhythm guitarist for the band. JackΩ is the Bassist and backing singer for the band.

Callum Anderson is the lead guitarist, backing singer and Dean’s big brother. Derek Whiteford is the Drummer and Backing singer.

The Naked Feedback released their first Extended Play on 13th of May 2016. Described by the band as “the culmination or a year of playing live in sweaty clubs,” “Vol. 1” is the band’s first collection of new and original songs to be released EVER. “Vol. 1” Will be supported by extensive touring around Scotland’s central belt and perhaps the rest of the UK, marking the bands first venture outside of Glasgow, apart from one acoustic performance at Paisley UWS in December 2015.

“Vol.1” was produced by The Naked Feedback and Edinburgh legend Mark Morrow at Depot Studios, Edinburgh. Mark Morrow Recorded Co-mixed the EP with the band and mastered all the songs. The new EP – “Vol.1” sees each band member playing their instruments to the best of their ability and using only Guitar and Drums for most of the songs .

Their excellent rock tracks can be heard in part here and we think they sound BRILLIANT!!

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