Dixons Vent Pipe, Hillhouse Rd

Pictured here in April 2016 by Blantyre’s Alex Rochead is a black modern vent pipe, which is inserted into the ground, just off the pavement on Hillhouse Road, High Blantyre, directly across from the Priestfield Cemetery.

The pipe serves to vent gasses from the former William Dixon’s Colliery tunnels far below the ground.With the worst mining accident in Scotland occurring in 1877 and caused by gas, it is important the ground has a way to safely expel gases over time.

The pipe used to stick several metres out the ground, but tree vegetation was cleared in March and April 2016, leaving the pipe exposed and visible and so it was safely cut in size.

Alex certainly was observant in noticing that work being done. Attached is his photo of what it looked like last Summer and now, the shorter pipe with vegetation cleared. History of this pipe is of course relatively modern, but this post hopefully explains the oddity which reaches down into the earth. Now THATS a pipe i wouldn’t like to lose my car-keys down!

On social media:

Russell Deans How do they stop people throwing rubbish down it

Steve Sneddon Looks modern

Paul Ford Should be capped, wonder how much innocent wildlife has been lost down it or curious small dogs?

Moira Lees Now it’s been brought to attention you’ll get idiots looking for it and put things in it to block it, very dangerous indeed ( matches come to mind ) .

Jane Johnstone Wouldn’t there be an explosion if it was capped. Would still need to be vented…

Jeanette Allardyce Ward Should have been left tall and capped with a vented cap. Could cause problems for wildlife now it’s been cut down

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