1903 Stonefield Road


I’ve scanned this in at a great resolution to show more detail than ever before on this 1903 postcard of the bottom of Stonefield Road.

Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 23.56.53

Looking north to the junction of Glasgow Road, this is the bottom area of Stonefield Road, where the postal address numbers start. The photo is around 1903, but no earlier as Craigs pub is there on the left, as are tram standards on Glasgow Road. Clothes are late Victorian, rather than Edwardian, no St Josephs main Church built yet and the postcard series is well known.

This was the boundary area of Stonefield which in 1846, contained 174 inhabitants. Stonefield extended all the way over to where the current Sports Centre is now, centering around the length of Glasgow Road, commencing from the pictured location. In the mid 1800’s Stonefield was described as “lying in the northeastern part of the parish, and on the west bank of the Clyde, which here separates the parish from that of Bothwell. The population of the village is chiefly employed in the manufactures of the district, and a few in common handicraft trades.”

The scene is very different today, with only Craig’s public house and the tenement on the left surviving.

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Graham Elder Is the white building not in the old picture?

The Blantyre Project It is. I mentioned that on the original post, but the close through the middle of it originally, is now bricked up back and front and now forms part of the open plan shop.

Joan Anderson Used to be a butchers shop on the left with a cafe opposite – back in 50/60s

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  1. Part of the White Building was demolished in the ’60’s and is now part of the car park.My grandparents lived in it in the early 1900’s,my mother was born and married in it, and my eldest brother was also born there.

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