1930s Shuttle Row from Bothwell


1930s Shuttle RowI was recently delighted to win a little auction item online. Hopefully this is a new photo for you. Pictured during the 1930’s is Shuttle Row, Blantyre Works pictured across the River Clyde from Bothwell.

The building had just been renovated and was opened a few years earlier in 1929. The Clyde looks fairly low and this is now the scene of the current bridge.

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Alison Walker-Hill Defo not seen this one before!!!…..looks like they had been working on the mill lade just below the weir!…..amazing how much rubble is there!

Moyra Lindsay Does anyone ever remember being taught anything about Livingstone at school? I don’t. No visits to a centre we could have all walked to easily, no Burns poems either.

Jane Maxwell I remember our school trip it was kept a secret where we were going. We went to St Joseph’s well we were all excited as we walked from our classes. We were all looking for the buses the teachers were directing us all down Station Road. Suddenly we realSee more

Gord Fotheringham That’s the brig across the lade…….almost in the centre

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