1903 David Gibson & Sons

This is the bottom of Stonefield Road in 1903. Taken 113 years ago, it looks across to the east side of the road, not far from the junction of Calder Street.

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This is the building that would later go on to become the Red Lion Pub in the 1970s. To the right is 33 Stonefield Road, which at that time was a grocers building.

Gibson, David & Sons – were leasing a licensed store at 33 Stonefield Road according to the 1930 valuation roll, but are known to have been there for some time before that. They rented this property near the junction of Calder Street from William Dixon Ltd. According to the 1930 Valuation roll, Gibson also owned 2 shops at 140 and 182 Glasgow Road, located on the north side. All these shops are no longer there today, the casualty of Glasgow Road redevelopment of the late 1970s.

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Catherine Davidson I think the Glasgow road was destroyed after the redevelopment tore the heart out of the town ..

Fiona McGunnigal Mickeys cafe 🙁 loved goin there

Barbara Kerr Went there every Saturday for Wiltshire bacon and Belfast ham. Great selection of meats and cheeses.

Barbara Kerr A bit further up, beside the corner at Calder Street was my uncle Duncan’s bookies.

Janet Hamilton That was a great wee bit mickeys good shops nice people

Ellen Swift It’s houses that’s there again xxx

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