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2009-clydeview-shopping-centreClydeview Shopping Centre – is a contemporary shopping centre fronting on to Glasgow Road. It is located near Blantyre Asda supermarket and was opened in October 1980. It comprises of 2 storey retail units to the east and west of a central pedestrian precinct leading from Glasgow Road to asda. Clydeview takes its name from the postoffice building, formerly at 249 Glasgow Road. The centre occupies the land between Logan Street and Victoria Street, at its boundary with Glasgow Road.

The land the centre occupies was subjected to extensive redevelopment during 1977 – 1979. The following properties previously occupied the site, running west from Logan Street to Craig Street was the Post Office, then a long tenement called Central Buildings in which was located the Co-op Chemist. Harpers Garage was situated on the other corner of Craig’s Street, followed by a small tenement containing 2 shops with 4 houses above. Adjacent to this was a 3 storey building known as Whifflet Place and final, next to it, Low Blantyre Primary School (Stonefield Primary or Stonefield Parish Primary School) at the corner of Victoria Street.

The purpose built Clydeview Shopping Centre enjoys a frontage to Glasgow Road with extensive free car parking facilities to the rear. Today, the centre is anchored by ASDA, other occupiers include The Royal Bank of Scotland, Betfred, Greggs, Cheque Centre, Glen Travel, Optical Express, Blantyre Library, Marie Curie, B2B Hair styling, Kaos skateshop, Mandarin Royale Chinese Takeaway, The Curry House, Community Links, the Salvation Army, the Laundry Co, as well as Pappy’s Smokehouse and a couple of local lawyers offices.

Sadly, many of the available units are still unoccupied, as has been the case for several decades. The retail units have anodised display frontages with matching doors protected by roller shutters. Sizes range from 1212 sq ft/112.6 sq m to 3780 sq ft/ 351.2 sq m over 2 floors. Former businesses at Clydeview Shopping Centre include Abbey National, Caspers Nighclub, Stefanos Pizza shop, Craft at Home, a pound shop called “Quids in” and Jem Carpets / Hawkhead Carpets. Leases have proven to be expensive, business rates extortionate by comparison to other local towns, resulting in many of the units still being unoccupied in 2016.

Whats your memories of the former shops? Any I should add to the list?

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Caroline Kilgour Clydesdale electrical,farmfoods, global video, pet shop,post office,shoe shop think it was truform

Stephen Allan Shoe shop was called Olivers and frozen food place was called Capital which I remember from early 90s when I was a small boy.

Liane Prentice Tandem. X

Stephen Allan Im sure it was Olivers and it was more recently the Cheque Centre. Across the other side from where Greggs is.

Kenny Mallan It was Tandem before it was Oliver’s.

Jan Ritchie Pity it doesn’t look like this now!!! I had forgotten there were trees!

The Blantyre Project trees still on the other side at the sports centre, not sure about this side now..

Caroline Rundell Capital frozen food x

Jade McCarroll Loved Craft at Home! The lady that worked in there taught me to loom knit when I was about 15. 😄

Stephen Allan I wonder if anyone has photos of Clydeview when it first opened.

Liane Prentice Lucianos chippy , mehran indian , botterills. X

Liane Prentice Lighbodys bakers. X

Linda Ruby Marshall Malcolm Campbell and supersweet 🙂

Anne Mackie Business rates need to be lower and maybe bigger signage saying FREE car park

Andrew Little Lovely photo, how about a then and now comparison – now its a tip!

Kenny Mallan Rolls n Chips from Lightbody’s at school lunchtimes were the best 😀

Kenny Mallan I remember the shop that was Hawkhead being a car and vehicle supply shop in the early to mid 80’s before it was Capital. I remember the bookies being a clothes shop then a dry cleaners before becoming Global Video, Munro the butcher was in the shop currently occupied by Marie Currie and the shop that is directly across from Asda, that is now the barbers was Malcolm Campbell greengrocer before it shut for a while and reopened as Supersweet. Optical Express was Eddie Coyle’s opticians, The Mehran Indain Restaurant was where the Mandarin Royale is now. The Salvation Army charity store was New Routs (A kind of careers advisory service) Next to R.B.S was Raptures clothes shop with a hairdressers above, there seems to always have been a takeaway of some description next door to there, in the early 90s there was a tandoori takeaway in there, I have great memories of going swimming at Blantyre Baths on Friday nights with my primary school class mates and buying chips in a brown paper bag from there on the way home. (They tasted great at the time) 😀

Kenny Mallan My understanding is that Asda own all the retail units and the rents are pretty high with Asda maintaining a stringently non-flexible approach towards their charges for them. Maybe this is a reason for the very changeable occupancies and often empty units. Also, it’s unlikely that Asda will ever let out a unit to a business that could be considered to be potentially financially damaging to their share of the local business or rival any aspect of their trade in any way hence the empty units, charity shops etc.

Kenny Mallan The Sue Rider charity shop was a long term, semi regular feature next to the old post office.

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  1. Was the Capital frozen food shop not originally an “Iceberg”?

    Also the video shop was originally” Video Express”

    There was also a Mecca bookmakers next door to the Mehran Tandoori.

    It was a travesty they were allowed to demolish the old post office building. It was a the first time I had ever seen a phone, with its two phone booths inside.

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