Janet Anderson 1879

Miss Janet Anderson died on Tuesday 27th May 1879. The dairymaid from Calderglen was killed under shocking circumstances on the railway near Blantyre. She had been at Hamilton and travelled by train to Low Blantyre Station, alighting there.

She decided then to take a short cut along the line, which directly passed by Calderglen. She was walking between the rails of the upline and had her attention drawn by a mineral train on the downline, when a passenger train from Glasgow came up behind her at full speed. She was caught by the buffer of the enginer and thrown 10 yards, dying instanteously.

Lessons were NOT learned at Calderglen, for only a few years later, the owners son, Pelham Cochrane died in similar circumstances. Pictured is an early locomotive and a long stretch of track, that could easily have been focused upon during a walk home.

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