Blantyre Railway Station Artwork


Kirsty McLean messaged me recently with a question, adding,“My wee boy who is 5 was asking about the metal statues at the train station. I told him they were something to do with David Livingstone but he’s was less than impressed with that answer. Can you give me more info on them please? You seem the right person to ask.”

The artwork is quite modern commissioned around the Millennium. There’s a little stone square slab set into the railway platform mono-blocks near it, confirming it is Livingstone related. Made of metal, it represents 2 full size African stretcher bearers who rescued Livingstone from being attacked by a lion in 1843. I’ve always found it to be very modern looking, perhaps too much for my liking, but at least it points in the general direction of how to get to the Livingstone Centre. Photo by Jim Brown.

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 12.56.44

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Kirsty McLean Thanks!!

Helen Hills I’ve noticed the figures hundreds of times. Good to know the story behind them.

Paula Robinson Ma lassies always asked aswell,thanks for info x

Andy Callaghan I always thought that after Livingstone died some of his native followers carried his body to the coast and that this sculpture was a representation of the journey? But Looks like I was wrong. I absolutely love the sculpture

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