Stonefield Road 1987


1980 James McGuireAnother excellent photo from James McGuire’s Collection. This time of Stonefield Road near its junction with Glasgow Road. A little later this time in 1987, you can see Clyde Star video as the first shop, with the Red Lion pub a favourite amongst many people. The Black hole (youth club) in the foreground. Whats your memories of this area and can you name the other shops?

On social media, this prompted a great response:

Margaret Mary OSullivan What a brilliant record of Blantyre in these excellent photographs by James McGuire.

Trisha Mcginty I remember the pub there called the red lion & the wee clothes shop & the ice cream shop at the bottom corner

Bernadette Watt Taylor’s electrical shop was beside clydestar there used to be a laundry there too and the butchers and Benimz newsagent

Sharon Little Mickeys that used to be at the bottom x

Sharon Little The wee wool shop too x

Elizabeth Wallace Richardson’s butchers then it became a pet shop, a launderette across the road Willie patties when he moved from Glasgow road and a flower shop

Julie Tabor Mickey s

Ann Crossar McIntosh Carpets, 9 Stonefield Road, (best shop in Blantyre wi the best boss in the world!!) next to Wullie Pates newsagents.

Kelly Marie The very last shop in the row to the left of the red lion was definitely a hairdressers as I had my haircut in it for my primary one photo in 1985

Elaine Anderson Hasties bakers or was it lightbodies? Carousel aswell! Mickies , Jeff pates and the butcher’s!!

Geordie Kerr Rodger peter the tallies was further down past wullie pates sons paper shop where he used to sell the bus tickets

Liz Boxall Peter’s ice cream shop was next to The Cosy Corner pub and Jimmy Cleary’s barbers .. I used to live in Greenside street above Andew Little the bakers Oh happy days 😀

Toni Mcinally The wee cobblers and the smell of leather c

John McNeil Is that not ‘the clowns’ van?

Duncan Slater The the first store at Calder street end was a D.I.Y. Store and round the back was a bakery in the early 50th I delivered milk from Dunlop’s farm on Station road to them

Ann Crossar Yes it was my best friends dads store – Hugh MacCorgarrys. Aliceanne MacCorgarry  Anastazia Mac Corgarry xx

Jane Maxwell Mickies cafe served the best ice cream he had the shop at the end on the right hand side. Liz is right Mickies brother Peter had his cafe down beside the cosy corner pub.
Drew Burnett We all used to go to Mickie’s for our lunch when we were at Blantyre high, I worked in Clydestar video shop for a wee while as a teen due to my mum being the best customer they had and knew all the staff and the boss.

Anne Marie Murray I was brought up in Stonefield road my brothers and sister and I used to run up and down to the shops for our neighbors I have a lot of great memories of Stonefield road all the shop keepers knew us all by our first names…

Mary Sambou Gilbert the bakers was at the bottom left hand side next door to Sweeney the butchers

Jane Maxwell I remember going to Sweeny’s for square sliced and Gilbert’s for rolls for my granda and my mum.

Anne Marie Murray The Bakers next to the red lion was Black the Bakers…

Liz Allan Chalmers paint shop, MacCorgorry’s the wee bakers shop Norris’s before clyde star and loads more

Chic Hawkins The black hole 😀

Helen Robb There used to be a hairdressers there, beside the Red Lion. Can’t remember the name of it. X

Julie Ward Think the hairdressers was called Elizabeth’s?

Anne Marie Nisbet I remember Hugh Mccorgories ( hope I’ve spelt it correct) McCallums where you bought loose butter Maggie Blacks the Bakers which was our pit stop on the way to school. Happy days.

Stephen Allan I only remember Clyde Star from the shops at that side of the bottom of Stonefield Road. I remember the green sign with a picture of bugs bunny on it. I was about 5 or 6. That would have been about 1991.

Anne Marie Nisbet Just remembered Dr Casinos surgery. Martha the Pole’s shoe shop all down at the bottom entrance if the public Park near the ice cream shop.

Philip Pohler Used to go to the fruiters and get a couple of pieces of fruit, then to Hastie’s bakers for an iced fly cemetery at lunch time, when I was at school in the late 70s


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  1. nellie scobies just up from mickies. sold dumpling and spongecake yum

  2. Ha, I can remember the little character looking from behind the iron barrs in ‘D Hall’ ! I’d wonder up that way while eating my sweeties from mickey’s :-).
    Thanks for the memories..


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