Old Man’s Rest – Stonefield Public Park

1950s Old Man's Rest at Stonefield Public Park

1950s Old Man’s Rest at Stonefield Public Park

The “Old Man’s Rest” was a timber and glass enclosed shelter dating from post WW2 (check maps) situated near the former entrance of Stonefield Public Park. It stood at the main footpath near the arch, which ran down to the Station Road entrance. It was directly behind the back gardens of numbers 56 and 58 Station Road. It offered good views to the pedalo boating pond.

As well as being a popular rain shelter, older citizens would play dominoes and chess in the little covered building, which I’m sure in summer, would have been very warm. Late Blantyre historian, Neil Gordon’s parents used to live at 56 Station Road. This photo belongs to their family. The little black dots on the photos were corks put on to the telegraph lines at that immediate location only, as Neil’s father was a pigeon fancier and the corks ensured the birds would not be hit as they approached back to the pigeon loft at Station Road.

The colour photo is one from my own family collection. Pictured in 1969 in Stonefield Public Park is my mother Janet. In the background, far left is old mans rest, and more prominently in this photo is the pedalo boating pond and the pitch n putt. What are your memories of this beautiful park?

1969 August. Janet Duncan at Stonefield Park

1969 August. Janet Duncan at Stonefield Park

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Thomas Barrett I can remember sheltering in there from the rain.

Elizabeth Anderson Cardoo I can remember my sister and friend vomitting being violently ill in here. Found out later they had eaten the seeds out of the Laburnum tree pods. They got a free ride in an ambulance. Three lucky girls that recovered. I passed it ever day going to school,first Nessies and then Calder Street.

Stephen Canavan Ma dad whas the parky use to put the boats out and the putting lol I got on for free all the time then they moved him to Greenhall pitch and put

Kevin Creechan Used tae love the boating pond. Used to make our own model boats and play with the tadpoles as well.

Michael Mcginley Just off the main path Between the arch and the old man’s rest There was a large chess board , it was made from 2×2 slabs with seats round it and they used long polls to move the pieces

Hugh Hainey Thousands of wee red bloodsuckers, in that pond,,,

Anne Marie Murray Our friends father used to look after the boating pond and the putting green..

The Blantyre Project i remember walking on top of the 2 foot wide wall, and even although the water in the boating bond was about the same depth or so, you could still see loads of broken glass in there in the 70s. It wouldnt be a place you would want your child paddling in. However, the wee light blue oval pond near the Station road entrance was good for a paddle.

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