The Exile, by Jimmy Whelan


Took a wander across the bridge,
As the sun was getting low,
Cast my eyes off to my right,
The waters calm and slow.

Dander up old Station Road,
Sweet memories in my mind,
Livingstone’s, the Village shop,
And buildings I cannot find.

Glasgow Road was the place to be,
Characters by the score,
Parochial community with happy faces,
Never seen anymore.

Public parks and boating ponds,
With lovely flower beds,
Sadly now have all gone,
Just a meeting place for neds.

Stonefield Road filled with shops,
With aromas etched in my mind,
Cobbler shop and Black the bakers,
Such now we’ll never find.

The Cauther braes and old Greenhall,
Spent many a happy days,
Fly tippers and broken bottles,
So different in many ways.

Destroyed this town with such aggression,
Killed my passion, no time to dwell,,
Packed up my home and I did flee
Across the water to Bothwell.

J. J. Whelan 2012

Pictured are the remains of the old Bothwell railway Station in 1961.

EPSON scanner image

EPSON scanner image

On social media:

Gordon Dennis Memories of old.

Pamela Campbell Good recollection of the good Blantyre sad looking place now!

Catherine Davidson The regeneration supposedly to improve has destroyed the town of Blantyre. Glasgow road is now like a ghost town . now the school has been demolished it just makes it so empty and sad. ASDA ruined our town .

Moyra Lindsay My dad said that would happen the night Asda opened. He would be appalled at Blantyre now.

Jane Maxwell I could not agree more Catherine, Blantyre is a shadow of its old self.

Jude Wolf Nice Jimmy! I moved to Bothwell,but then 25 yrs ago to Uddingston with my wife n family,God Bless

Anne Gibson Brilliant Jimmy x

Jimmy Whelan Thanks Anne…Still in Tyre though, poem about a friend.

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