1979 Herbertson Street


1979 Herbertson Street at Glasgow RoadBack to 1979 and Glasgow Road again, this time at its junction with the former Herbertson Street. A photo from James McGuire’s Collection showing the old co-op halls which were clearly at the end of their lives.

For a time before this Blantyre & Whitehill Accies took over the upstairs part of the derelict hall for their premises, the kids used to train in the hall itself! The photo here shows windows broken, and a shadow of the grand building this once was.

Blantyre’s first Chinese Restaurant was “the Lucky House” on the far right of this building. Not to be confused with another of the era, further up Glasgow Road next to the YMCA. Much to the amusement of Blantyre residents, that one was called “The Sha’Tin”. However, Lucky House was next to the co hall and faced out on to Glasgow Road.

During previous decades, the dancing would be held in the upper halls. Some Blantyre residents may remember parties and dances up there hosted by bands like “Don Star and the Midnights”

The yellow sign was Reid’s the Printers, and let’s face it, they didn’t move too far although it must have felt like a palace when they moved to their  big, new red premises nearby (now G Watson Printers).

I have a copy of the architects plans for this hall, which I’ll post soon when I do a more in depth analysis of the Glasgow Road buildings and businesses.

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David Jamieson Remember ogling the motorbikes in wheels as a youngster

HelenDavid Johnston Good to see ‘Wheels’ again

Thomas Barrett Remember when you ordered your meal from the Lucky House it was the number you gave.

Matthew McGuigan My sister Greer McGuigan (God bless her) worked in the Co-op offices in the early sixties.

Linda Gilmour Roberts Beautiful building, sad loss.

Jeanette Allardyce Ward Remember getting our first Chinese takeaway from the lucky house x
Hazel Aitken What a beautiful building what a pity all these old buildings were demolished.

Carol Crombie My dad used to take us into Reid’s occasionally as he and John are mates – we’d always be terrified as there was a German Shepard named Ricki and he was wild!

Barry Bloomfield Kenny Harrison the sha’tin

George Mackenzie Went there often to collect my Mum’s Co-Divi
(Still remember her Co-Number

Susan Walker Graham I used go to the Scottish Country dancing in the co hall on a Friday night..Miss Liddell took this class. There was also a class next door that you could learn your elocution too.

Stephen Kelly Really elocution lessons in Blantyre?

Kathleen Duffy Went to both country dancing classes then later elocution class. Not that the latter did me much good

Moyra Lindsay Paul, I gave Ian Gordon? A huge framed photo of Central Co-op building taken from the other end of the building. It had an elaborate frame, my dad had kept it for years but I had no room for it. There was a butcher standing at his door in full apron and hat I think. The fruit shop was at that end and I remember my gran buying me a pomegranate there when I was about four. Strangest thing I’d ever seen. My great granny lived above that shop. Her name was Gilmour. I think you have mentioned the sad loss of her four children dying in a short period of time.

Emma Trevethan my friend and I went to the dancing in th co op hall .. Loved Don Starr and the Midnights the lead singer was my friends brother used to stand at the front of stage and just gaze at him starstruck oh happy days. X

Priory Inn The Lucky House was owned and operated by the Father of the current owner (Tommy) of the Sun House Blantyre, an interesting fact told to me by his wife Amy.

Colin Wotherspoon Me and my mates went to a few Friday night dances great stuff

Michael McDonald Regular at the Friday night dancing in the ( Co -hall ) happy days. 🎻

Stephen Kelly Showing yer age noo Michael

Michael McDonald It was run by .John Gibson willie gibson’s dad.Phill dollan. Johnny keenan.

Marian Maguire Lovely buildings, a shame they weren’t preserved and renovated, added character to Blantyre.

Anne Quinn I used to work in the gents outfitters in the co-open x

Anne Marie Murray I went to the country dancing in the hall. I also got my wedding invitation s done in Reids printing shop..

Wullie Bell Remember it very well i think the Blantyre project is fantastic brings back lots of memories

Margaret Hilson On the bit of waste ground in the picture was there not a church there?Further up was the Dookit pictures.later turned into a bowling alley ,

Margaret Hilson Across the road meant to say.

Jim Cochrane Remember getting a new 10 speed racer bicycle from wheels in the 1970s

The Blantyre Project i didnt know Wheels sold bicycles. Always thought this was a motorbike parts shop.

Brendan Mcghee The Blantyre Project it sold kawasaki motor bikes as well asparts .

Mary Marr I remember the co op halls for country dancing and that miss liddell taking the classes

John Dunsmore Went to dancing above wheels in the sixties

Jane Johnstone Aye, many a wedding I attended in the Cooperative Hall😀

Dee Williamson I remember going to the co hall with my mum and gran to queue for the ‘divvie’ lol

John Krawczyk Remember calling in a few times to wheels for the odd motorcycle part but you couldn’t beat Ross Motors & Victor Devine in Glasgow. Memories😀

Tom Brown Reids moved behind here to Rosendale Way to where the industrial clothing company now is and remained there till late 80’s and then moved to the current building.

The Blantyre Project so is this the road that forms a little part of the current GW carpark then? I get so mixed up at that corner due to the road realignment.

Mary Swan I remember coming off the school bus and going up to the Co office and asking for the manager. I told him I was looking for a job, 15 years old with ankle socks on. He told me to go to Central drapery the next morning and ask for Mr Lees. I duly did so and was told to report to the Shoe bit on Monday morning. The manager was Mrs Laird. No CV’s or even an application form in those days. 😀

James McConnell Whitehill accies used to train in the co halls, the mad Pat Mccluskey ,,,, legend……

Andy Houldsworth Remember that James but can you remember the line he used to repeat when you had to jog on the spot etc

James McConnell Keep it gone keep it gone keep it gone gone keep it


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  1. elizabeth and terrie fitzpatrick

    I remember the co-hall well.. every Thursday after school my sister Terri and I would go to elocution classes (Mrs. Annabelle Perrie from Larkhall) took the class. My sister hated going but I couldn”t wait for school
    To finish. I won lots of certificates and awards for elocution. That was a big part of childhood. When classes finished we always got chips on the walk home (across road from co-op. If anyone knows me I was into the drama as well. Oh happy happy memories.
    Ps I remember Kathleen Duffy.
    Thank you for letting me share these wonderful memories. Elizabeth Fitzpatrick
    From the old prefabs in Park Lane.
    Wonderful site

  2. My first ever job when I left school (John Ogilvie, and to John Krawczyk I was in your brother Stan’s class ) was working as an “apprentice mechanic” on a YTS in Wheels….. The owner was a guy called Martin Johnston and whilst I was only there for 18 or so months, he taught me a lot… Yes they did sell bicycles, but that was only for a few months in the run up to Christmas 1978…… I never made it as an apprentice mechanic and eventually moved into sales…….

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