Thomas Denholm Greenhall Coach Driver

Marion Turner in Australia sent me these photos. She told me, “I have been following your page on FaceBook for some time and also your website as my late Mother Marion Denholm was born in High Blantyre in 1908.  Her birth certificate names Greenhall Lodge as her birthplace.  Her father Thomas Denholm was coachman to Col. Moore. She was the youngest of 8 children and I think the four youngest were born there.  The older children were born in Hamilton.  The family migrated to Australia in 1910.”

This picture dates from 1905. Thomas Denholm is the coach driver and Mr Moore of Greenhall sits alongside him upfront. Thomas was obviously a keen curling player too. Attached is a medal won in 1908 and 1909 season, just a year before he emigrated from Blantyre to Australia. The engravings H.B.C.C most likely stand for High Blantyre Curling Club and the curling ground was located within Greenhall estate itself on the north side of the river, using water from a sluice at the Cocksburn. The Greenhall coachman’s house is still there today, located near the entrance of Crossbow Estate, uniquely now the last existing property associated with Greenhall.

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