Loanend Cottages 1950s

1950s Loanend Cottages

1950s Loanend Cottages

I think this photo dates from the 1950’s. Pictured are Loanend Cottages, the terraced miner’s homes which would later become cow sheds, then back to beautifully renovated and extended homes. Were eastwards of Malcolmwood Farm, westwards of Flemington in this photo.

Picket fences, well kept gardens and the houses all in good repair. It only demonstrates what a lovely area this is to live in. The cottages faced out to the fields overlooking Spittal, and at the back up towards Letterick, Stoneymeadow, Crossbasket and Dechmont.

The cottages even then would likely have felt very tied to the nearby colliery, which was situated not a hundred yards out the left of this photo. However, by the time this was taken , the mine workings had stopped and the nearby railway bridge crossing over this road, scheduled for demolition.

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