Barnhill Quoiting Club


1898 Barnhill Quoiting Club

1898 Possible location of Barnhill Quoiting Club

Barnhill Quoiting Club is noted in 1900 as doing well financially, being well supported by local gentlemen.  They had a tea in a room in the Barnhill Tavern provided by Mrs Stoddart (the co-owner of Barnhill Tavern) and some of their prizewinners were, J. Dick. J. Craig, J. Campbell, W. Ford, D. Morrison, R. Ford, J. Allan, and D. Craig, and Mr Alexander Davidson chaired the proceedings.

Looking on the 1898 map for this club, I noticed a small level field at Barnhill. Knowing what most of the other properties were around it, I am making a (rare) assumption that Barnhill Quoiting Club was located on this spot shown. It would certainly have been level and handy enough for the nearby Tavern. Today, there is a modern detached house on the ground. The club may have been short lived, for I can find no other trace of its existence and may have fallen by the wayside due to the success of Auchenitbber’s team. The field was still there , unbuilt on even as late as 1936.

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