Loanend Cottages & Flemington, 1982


1982 Loaned, shared by Gerry Young

1982 Loaned, shared by Gerry Young

Seeing my recent interest in writing up the history of Loaned Cottages, Mr Gerry Young, decided to send in this photo, which was taken by himself from the Loaned Bing in 1982. Looking down upon the cottages, which at the time were mostly cow sheds, the photo in black and white feels much older.

Gerry told me, “the nearby bridge crossing over the road was gone even by 1982. The cottages themselves appear to be used for cattle.”

The Campsies in the background look across to Dumbarton and Loch Lomond, beyond Glasgow. Flemington Farm in the middle of the photo. The whole scene is slightly outwith Blantyre Parish, just over the boundary in Cambuslang Parish. Thank you to Gerry so for sharing. I’m sure this photo will be particularly interesting to the many residents who now live there.

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Alan Baird i remember them when they were used as cowsheds

Archie Peat In the middle background I think is Hallside Steel Works where my Dad served his apprenticeship in 1928 !!

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