1964 Offer for Footbridge at Greenhall

2007 Greenhall Footbridge by J Brown

2007 Greenhall Footbridge by J Brown

There is an interesting entry in the Fifth District County Minutes for Recreation and Parks on 25th February 1964 that allows a local footbridge to be dated.

“In connection with the development of Greenhall, the Clerk submitted for consideration, a sketch plan together with an offer amounting to £344 from Mssrs Alex Inglis & Co (Blantyre) ltd for the erection of a footbridge over the calder. After examination of the plan and having heard the superintendent, it was unanimously agreed on the motion of Mr. Anderson, seconded by Mrs. McGrory to recommend that a footbridge be erected and the offer accepted.”

Alex Inglis factory is still there in Blantyre today, across the road from Blantyre Industrial Estate, at the corner of the large roundabout at Auchinraith. In today’s money the bridge would have cost £6,500.

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  • James Stirling and its still a solid bridge
  • Gord Fotheringham And wee mcgrorty was my moms pal……a councillor
  • Gord Fotheringham And yes that would be big Jimmy Anderson
  • Andy Man Who built the bridge at the falls ? Do you think theres any chance of it getting rebuilt,it used to be a great walk from there to Greenhall
    • The Blantyre Project The Friends of the Calder have proposals to reinstate a wee bridge, a little further around the river, but its still some time off, pending negotiations with landowners and council.

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