1973 Stonefield Boys Club

1973 Stonefield Boys club. Shared by D Semple

1973 Stonefield Boys club. Shared by D Semple

Shared here by Drew Semple a while back, is Stonefield Boys Club around 1973 or 1974. There may be more than a few familiar faces in here, some not with us anymore.

In this group as well as Drew are Peter Barrat, Stevie Young, Frank Green (from Winton Crescent) , Stevie Murray, Jim Lees, Wullie McDowall and John Smith. Can you identify the other 2 boys?

On social media:

  • Hugh Lennon Tonner Tommy Whelan.
  • Brian Mcgowan Ian Allen (goalie). Danny Clarkin ?
  • Kerry Hutcheson Laura your dad’s in this one lol!!!xx
    • Laura Young Can spot him a mile away lol he hasn’t changed lol xx
  •  Drew Semple yeh the other 2 as Brian said is Ian Allen and John Smith
    Alan Baird some of these guys are still living in blantyre
    Neil Maureen Kielty Stevie Murray my neighbour in camelon crescent . Seems like a lifetime ago xxx
    Drew Semple Hey Paul the team were run by Davy ( twiny) Smith and Jimmy Swinburne ( not the councillor) both from Logan st. Our best achievement was to reach the quarter final of the Scottish amateur cup getting beaten 1/0 by Renton argyle

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