1870 Bothwell Bridge by Thomas Annan

In 1870, early photographer captured may locations around Lanarkshire. Amongst them, from the Blantyre side of the River Clyde are these two early photographs, showing Bothwell Bridge in all its rural glory. This was a time before cars, indeed before trams. A time before the covenanters monument. A time before the Lido when instead mature woodland, was abundant down to the river Clyde’s edge. It was a time before coal being extensively mined, when Blantyre’s population was just a tenth of what it is now.

In one photo, a “ghost” image of a little boy is there, who must have been standing when the photo commenced. The long exposure, resulting in a ghost image when he walked away.

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  1. Is the Bothwell Bridge diferent from the Pay Bridge? If so, how far apart were they? Thank you.

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