“The Trap” by preacher John Graham

“The Trap” is a poem written by the late Blantyre preacher, Mr John Graham (affectionately known as The Blantyre Saint). He composed the poem for his son, also called John to recite at a Sunday School social outing. The poem dates from c 1950. Thanks to John Graham’s other son, James, for permission to share this here.

The Trap, by John Graham

Ma mither bocht a brand new trap
Tae trap that rascal moose.
It’s sic a wee impudent brat
Ye’d think it owned the hoose.

A wee bit cheese just frizzled broon,
Temptation on a spring,
A rael wee tasty treat laid doon
Tae trap the sleekit thing.

Goin’ tae bed wee set aboot,
And soon were fast asleep,
Then through a hole the moose cam oot,
And carefully did creep.

Towards the trap it turned its heid,
And moved near tae the cheese,
Then ‘SNAP,’ we heard, the moose was deid,
Allured tae death wae ease.

O’ Satan’s plan I noo mon tell,
He sets his traps for us,
Tae try tae lure us doon tae Hell,
Wae pleasures numerous.

Attractions o’ the world we find
In dancin’ and fitba’,
And cinema tae fill the mind,
So I mon tell ye a’.

‘Love not the world,’ the Bible says,
Repent, Christ will forgive,
For by his blood our souls he saves,
Now trust in him and live.

John Graham Preacher

John Graham Preacher

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