Harper’s Garage, Glasgow Road, Blantyre

1950s Harpers Garage, Glasgow Road, Blantyre

1950s Harpers Garage, Glasgow Road, Blantyre

Here’s a photo of Harpers Garage, which was on Glasgow Road (near where Clydeview Shopping Centre is.)  Harpers Garage was at the bottom of Craig street, next to Watts the dentists on Glasgow Road. Orestees was just along a bit, nearer Victoria Street.  Across the road was The Cosy Corner and Peter ice cream parlour The garage sign suggests the garage was established as Harpers in 1934, but it certainly existed earlier than this in the form of the Central Garage, owned by the Blue Line Motor Spirit Company, even in 1930. Its address was 163 Glasgow Road.

Gilbert Harper was the original owner and of the garage when it was called Harpers, which was located at the corner of Craig Street at its junction with Glasgow Road. The approximate location today is where the traffic lights are on Clydeview Shopping Centre.

Post WW2, Brian McLaughlin owned a local undertakers/lorry business and a mechanics business in Glasgow road (Felix Mclaughlins) and he also later purchased Harper’s garage. It was once again known as The Central Garage. The site of course changed forever when it was demolished in 1978, to pave the way for Blantyres development of Clydeview Shopping Centre and Asda.

There were a few garages in Blantyre. One at Stonemeadow, two on Main Street (one near Church Halls, one near Masonic Halls), then there was Roselea Garage to name a few.

Words from book, “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2016.

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Catherine Paterson My father worked for Harpers garage in the1930 . As a driver. His name was Robert Paterson. I have a photo of him standing beside a car. He is in uniform

Trisha Mcginty I can remember a petrol station up in High Blantyre 2 next 2 the Apollo pub?

The Blantyre Project The Craigneith Filling Station, Main Street.

Bill Graham The manager was Stuart Farquar and his wife Sharon.

Jeanette Allardyce Ward Mind of it all x

Moira Macfarlane I remember it well

Sheena Thomson I have receipts from 1947 when my dads first wife Jessie Gilmour (nee) Reid died ,receipts are for the funeral cars.

Wullie Bell Remember it well glad u put this picture on by the way Jimmj Cleary’s shop was across the road

Stephen Allan Watt must have moved to Calder Street after his shop on Glasgow Road was demolished.

Moyra Lindsay The dentist before Watt was Haddow and was directly across the road from that one.

Moyra Lindsay The first Mini I ever saw was in Harper’s showroom. Couldn’t believe my eyes. Got one eventually in 1971.

Catherine Sneddon The library and old ness school were behind this if I can remember right

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