Accomplished work of Livvy Lad

In early June 2015, I was contacted by George Young, a photographer and ex Blantyre man, known online as “Livvy lad”.

George commented, “Really enjoyed looking through your photos Paul. As an ex Blantyre lad there were not many places that I didn’t explore as a boy. Take a look at some photos I have of the Clyde at Blantyre. You are welcome to use them on the project if you want.”

An offer to good to miss, especially when I saw the amazing photos George had taken of the River Clyde and several other place at Blantyre. George’s photos are fairly recent, taken in the last few years, however all have a common theme. They show very clearly the beauty of Blantyre and its surroundings. It’s with a kind thanks, I can share a few of those stunning photos here with you all. They should be made into a calendar to shared widely. Well done George!

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  • Mark McHugh That’s a great picture
  • Elizabeth Weaver Just beautiful. I sometimes wonder if Blantyre people realise the glorious countryside they have on their doorstep.

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