1900 Shuttle Row Women

1900 Shuttle Row women

1900 Shuttle Row women

I love this photo. The year is around 1900 and the scene is the front door of Shuttle Row, Blantyre Village works.

Two women and a small child stand in the doorway looking across to the camera. A time before world wars, a time before aeroplanes and electricity or even water inside local homes.

Clothes hang over makeshift washing lines, the the main washing lines span across the picture. Conditions were pretty poor and families were crammed into the little rooms.

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  • Marion Anderson great photo
  • David Livingstone In some similar photos you can see chickens running around in the foreground…
  • Donna Hamilton my mum was born here and her family lived in it before that just looking at these photo makes me think this could be a relation of mine.
  • Amanda Higgins Amazing!!!

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