Chris discovers more about Calderglen

2015 Chris Ladds and Paul Sandby's painting.

2015 Chris Ladds and Paul Sandby’s painting.

A report by Nicola Findlay of The East Kilbride News:

CHRIS Ladds, an art history graduate, discovers drawing of Calderwood Linn – also known as the Castle Falls – by renowned artist Paul Sandby and now hopes to compile a book on the history of Calderglen.

An art aficionado who has collected thousands of artefacts about Calderglen Country Park and its history has stumbled upon a lost sketch of a forgotten beauty spot. Chris Ladds, from Calderwood, studied art at university and was glancing through an old gallery catalogue when he spotted a note about a sketch of Calderwood Linn – also known as the Castle Falls – being on the reverse of a more well known drawing of Bothwell Castle.

Dating from the 1700s it was sketched by renowned artist, Paul Sandby, who was one of the founders of Royal Acadamy of British Painting and travelled up and down the country recording scenes of great natural beauty and historical importance in the UK. Chris knew Sandby had sketched the old tower of Calderwood Castle around 1750, which was sold at auction a few years ago, so this sparked his interest. Thinking the note in the catalogue may have been an error he contacted National Gallery of Scotland print room and, low and behold, the sketch was indeed on the reverse of the more well known drawing.

The gallery were totally unaware the sketch existed until Chris contacted them or of its historical importance in East Kilbride.

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