2015 Lady Nancy Horse

2015 Horse visits house

2015 Black Horse at Stoneymeadow

Jean Mcintosh lives at Stoneymeadow, High Blantyre. She recently emailed me a short story, which gave her heart a flutter.

Jean said, “You mentioned in one of your posts about the ghostly stories of the Lady Nancy. As you know my house looks onto it. This Morning about 2 am (Thursday 12th March 2015 – I am a night hawk) I was making sure everything was locked up. I looked out the window just as the moon was coming up behind the Lady Nancy hill. You could only see the rays, if there was ever a ghostly looking scene that was it. I went back in the living room put the lights off noticed my outside light had come on. I went to open the blinds but someone was outside!! I couldn’t face the thought of someone looking at me, so I ran upstairs in the dark, peered out and saw a horse!”

What was this I thought, when I read Jean’s email. Was it a ghostly black stallion trying to find its old estate stable in the dead of night, perhaps a century later?

However, Jean went on to explain, “It was the big black horse from the nearby field, padding about my patio! What a relief. The previous early March gales had brought a tree down at the side of my home, taking the shed and fence down, thankfully, just missing the house. I give the horses carrots and bread they must have good eyesight when they see me in the living room they come up to the fence and stare at me willing me to feed them, but this was too much for my nerves at my age!”

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