Coming Soon. The History of Crossbasket Castle

The History of Crossbasket Castle. Coming May 2015

The History of Crossbasket Castle. Coming May 2015

 You may have noticed, I’ve never previously published many posts about Crossbasket Castle history. This was deliberate, not through lack of information, but because I was saving ALL the history I had accumulated on this amazing building and its estate, putting it in one place. I’m super excited to tell you about my new book, which is due for release at the start of May 2015. “The History of Crossbasket Castle” is coming soon!

 Written in Winter 2014, I had to stop editing the book in February due to problems with my eyesight. However, final proof reading has taken place by others and the book is now back from the publishing, after being delayed a few months. (My eyesight is much better now by the way and on track to return to normal hopefully next month!)

 At 235 pages, 62,300 words and with 104 high quality illustrations and photographs, “The History of Crossbasket Castle” is my third adventure as an author. The book represents a definitive account of the History of Crossbasket Castle, its 34 owners over SIX centuries, the estate, outbuildings and the surrounding area. It offers incredible and factual detail about Crossbasket to an extent never previously published. Having so many photos maintains the readers interest and the many chapters follow the stories of the owners throughout the ages. What unfolds is a real rollercoaster of events, some sad, others happy. Some surprising discoveries and at times forced me to change my opinions and previous writings on certain aspects of the estate and its surrounding area. You don’t need to know a thing about Crossbasket. It’s written in words and language that will provide a most interesting read to anybody, whether you’re familiar with the building or not. There’s also a bonus chapter called “Tales of Crossbasket” featuring fantastic local stories about the surrounding area!

 Affordably priced, the book has a full colour beautiful matt finish in glorious high resolution. It will be launched nearer the time of Crossbasket Castle reopening, following its current extensive renovation. Dedicated to new owners Steve and Alison, the book celebrates not just the history of one of Blantyre’s most prominent and beautiful buildings, but also touches upon the remarkable renovation and extension currently being completed. The book will only be available to buy online initially. Crossbasket Castle is due to open this Summer as an exclusive five star Wedding venue. I’ll certainly be posting soon when the book is launched.

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