Greenhall Farmhouse

2004 Greenhall Farmhouse. Shared by Nick Rice

2004 Greenhall Farmhouse. Shared by Nick Rice

Not to be confused with the large grand house at Greenhall Estate, there was also a Greenhall Farmhouse located near the boundary with Crossbasket Estate. Pictured here in 2004 its its final months by Nick Rice, Greenhall Farmhouse.

The earliest record I can find of Greenhall Farm House is on the 1747 map, where the farmhouse itself is shown in red, adjacent to the larger , grander Greenhall House. A large 2 storey house built of stone, it also had several outbuildings. A typically unremarkable building, the farmhouse served to be functional, with the grandeur of the estate belonging to the nearby Greenhall Estate House. The farmhouse also served as

1747 Greenhall Map

1747 Greenhall Farm (House) by Nick Rice

offices for the estate, a fact recorded in the 1859 Parish Records. During the 1800s, David Smith is also known to have farmed at Greenhall.

By 1881 Greenhall Farm was being farmed by Thomas McWilliam and his wife Christina Fleming who had married earlier on 23rd June 1865. Thomas and Christina are at Greenhall Coachman’s House, Blantyre on the 1871 census and at Greenhall Farm on the 1881, 1891 and 1901 census.

Although Thomas is generally described as a farmer, on his son Thomas’ marriage certificate, and on various children’s registrations, he is described as a ‘Coachman’ or ‘Coachman (Domestic Servant)’. In 1885 their daughter Margaret married John Pettigrew of nearby Malcolmwood Farm and they had nineteen children! The McWilliam or McWilliams of Blantyre can be traced back to John McWilliams of Rutherglen, a cotton weaver. The McWilliam family have a history connected to Blantyre farms, amongst them living at one time or other at Wheatlandhead and Craigmuir.

Site of Greenhall Farm, now Crossbow Housing Estate

Site of Greenhall Farm, now Crossbow Housing Estate

By 1874 the farmer at Greenhall Farm was George Barclay whom in that same year successfully defended in court, against J Wardrop Moore of nearby Greenhall House putting a mineral railroad through the farm fields. (Case reported Glasgow Herald 11th June 1874).

Today, Greenhall Farmhouse is no longer there, demolished shortly after Nick’s picture to make way for the modern homes at Crossbow, High Blantyre.

Note: This article is ongoing as I understand this house may also have been called Crossbow House in the 1900s? Of Crossbow House, Gordon Cook told me, “Mr Kerr ran an antiques business there in the 1960s, he used to make trips to London and pick up old Rolls Royces and bring them back north to clean them up sell them on. In the early 60s he could be seen going round Blantyre in an old Rolls Royce that once belonged to Hollywood great, Clark Gable. His business was by appointment only and he didn’t take kindly to us wandering around the property.” If anybody wishes to contribute more history to this subject, please feel free to contact me.


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  1. Yes, “old Johnny Kerr” was not the happiest of men but did warm, after one got to know him. He had a good eye for fine items, which made a trip to Crossbow House well worthwhile. I remember his two sons but am unsure if they still carry on a business of dealing in antique items

    Ed. Raphael

    1. Hello there Edmund. My Aunt Ellen was married to Donald Kerr and had 2 sons with him. She died aged 50 in 1980 in a tragic accident whilst riding her horse in Blantyre. I am trying to discover where the boys, Gordon and Donald moved to, with their father after their Mothers death. I haven’t seen Gordon since 1986 and would love to be able to find my cousins.

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