2014 Blantyre Christmas Tree

2014 Low Blantyre Christmas Tree by J Brown

2014 Low Blantyre Christmas Tree by J Brown

Photographed here in December 2014, is the Low Blantyre Christmas Tree in the Public Park. Blantyre Community Committee over the last few years raised enough funds to DOUBLE the amount of lights on the tree, something i was proud to be part of. We also raised the money to pay for the permanent infrastructure leading to the tree, i.e the cables in the ground and connections meaning a tree could be put in that location every year, as well as the High Blantyre one (something quite unusual for a town to have TWO trees!) The council worked with us and were of course gracious that our fundraising meant that the lights could be put up each year, without spending additional money.

A wee secret disclosed today… High Blantyre has a Christmas tree around 8 feet larger than normal this year! Hopefully that’s been noticed and I have to say BOTH trees look amazing this year. The Committee have some good plans for enhancing the festive atmosphere in the town, but more on that in 2015.

Thanks to Jim Brown for this very festive picture. Merry Christmas!

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