A Christmas Gift to Blantyre

2014 Launch of "The Blantyre Archives"

2014 Launch of “The Blantyre Archives”

With such a huge photo collection and Blantyre historical reference site rapidly forming here, I felt it important for things to be preserved and recorded. Not just a few comments or photos, but everything. This has always been my primary goal with Blantyre Project. Technology can be fickle, can be hacked, websites come and go, people do too, but the written word, that is…. books often last a LOT longer. Finding a way to preserve the history uncovered here has always been important to me. Much more than earning money from writing books.

So, on that note, I’m pleased to say, as well as the money raised for the Haven charity, the money raised on the books I’ve published, has been spent into permanently preserving Blantyre’s history, in a manner that will benefit many, many generations for decades to come!!

Destined for local libraries & schools are these wonderful, high resolution hardback editions of everything I’ve ever written about Blantyre. They contain stories, anecdotes, every photo I’ve ever been sent, items I’ve investigated and a lot more! I’ve called them (and I hope this is well received),  “The Blantyre Archives“.

The 6 books are distinguished by their separate bright colours and will be added to with further books in subsequent years! Not only that, but they contain many of the important and more relevant comments from social media too meaning, quite incredibly thousands of people have contributed to the history contained in these books! They also encompass the history published in my two books, “A journey in time” series and are published under the “Blantyre Project” name. They are not for purchase, or resale and at limited editions, are of the utmost quality.

2014 Launch of "The Blantyre Archives" limited edition, not for resale

2014 “The Blantyre Archives” limited edition, not for resale

From early 2015, local Public Libraries and all Blantyre Primary Schools will each get these 6 books to lend out or for reference! This will be done for free , at my cost. Blantyre’s history should be shared, especially with our children.

This is my Christmas gift to Blantyre and indeed also from anybody who has ever bought one of my books…..Pat yourselves on the back. We have quite literally preserved and given history BACK to our local children for many generations to come! Here’s a mulled wine to that!

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