Crossing Lee Burn at Allers

2014 Elaborate Lee Burn Crossing

2014 Elaborate Lee Burn Crossing

Photographed here by myself in September 2014 is a small stone arch, a pedestrian crossing the Lee Burn (or Lees Burn). This little crossing is directly across from Allers Farm , on the Stoneymeadow Road and crosses from Blantyre Parish into Cambuslang Parish.

Looking at old maps, there is nothing on them to suggest where this crossing was intended to lead to. It may simply have been a means to cross the river, rather than walk to Crossbasket. It is strange though, as there is a road nearby (old Eaglesham  /Hamilton Road), which is now modern Stoneymeadow Road.

The little bridge looks very well constructed and is perhaps far more elaborate and well built than was needed at this small burn. It can be seen from the Stoneymeadow Road, if you’re ever out walking.

Update: Since looking at this, I believe the bridge led from Stoneymeadow road up to the site of the old cross, i.e the cross that gave the name to Crossbasket. The site of the cross is shown on 1859 map, but none thereafter, forgotten about. In 1740, the cross was allegedly destroyed by a religious fanatic and beside it was a font with a long inscription that had been illegible for over a century , even then. I think the bridge dates to the time of tourism to Calderwood, via the nearby lodge.

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