Milestone Marker, Stoneymeadow

Marker Stone on the wall

Marker Stone on the wall

On Stoneymeadow Road, opposite from Calderwood Lodge, is a small private house just off the road. It has an old white gate pictured just to the right of an old stone wall about 3 foot high. Half a meter left of the gate, is an old marker post on the outside wall, .

Photographed here in September 2014, it was pointed out to me by Jim Brown and some writing is just about visible on the stone, one note saying Hamilton. Sadly though, half the stone is broken and now looks actually like part of the wall itself.

This marker post is likely around two centuries old, or possibly more.  It is visible to anybody walking along the pavement, right at the bend before the Generals Bridge, but if you’re driving by, it could easily be missed.

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