Curling Events at Greenhall

c1900 Alex McWIlliam & Blantyre curlersPictured here around 1900 is the Blantyre Curling Team. Alex McWilliam (great, grandfather of Arlene Green) is holding one of the Curling stones ready to take his shot.

Many of the men in this team were from High Blantyre and Alex himself was known to farm at Greenhall around the time of this picture.

The level Curling pond near Greenhall’s railway viaducts offered a nearby training pond , close to the work and homes of the team . The team had won the Scottish championships in 1891.

Looking back on old maps, I found the Greenhall curling pond featured on the 1910 map as shown. 1910 curling pond map

Behind the ground rose steeply out of the Calder up towards the railway line, where the stone pillars now remain. It is still possible to see this flat area, but it is very overgrown.

Arlene told me the very stone that her great grandfather is holding has now been passed down to her father. Here’s a picture of the stone, looking very polished and preserved.

2014 curling stone

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