Owners & Occupiers of Greenhall

1747 map showing Greenhall, as "Greinhall"

1747 map showing Greenhall, as “Greinhall”

This 1747 map of High Blantyre including Greenhall is probably the oldest map i have of Blantyre and shows Greenhall spelling as “Greinhall”, the same as it was in valuation records of the time. Several sources indicate that Greenhall house was built around 1760, but this map (which shows man made structures in red) clearly shows a large house in the grounds during 1747. Interestingly, at the time, the main road out of Blantyre ran right past the house itself i.e through what is now the park. I’ve marked on grey and yellow dots the modern main roads now to put it in context.

So, either the Greenhall House that was demolished in the 1960’s was actually earlier than the 1760 construction records, or there was a previous house there! I do think a previous house is very possible as heritor records are going back to 1635 and it would be most unusual for a large estate to have no house. Here are the owner and occupier records:

1635 Heritors not alluded to – ancestors of Wardropes of Greenhall (Source Heritors quoted in Annals of Blantyre)

1722 Greenhall – Wardrop and Mafon Valuation £41.10.4 (Source Valuation Roll)

c1770 John William Part Greenhall £23.4.0, Jas Pollock Part Greenhall £23.4.0 and John Muir of Greenhall £41.10.4 (Source Directory of Land Ownership)

1773 Instrument of Sasine of Blantyre called Greenhall belonging to Janet Wardrope. Valuation £41.10.4 (Source Freeholders of Lanarkshire)

1841 Wardope Moore but leased to Henry and Ellen Martin and baby George. Henry a 24 year old Glasgow merchant leasing along with friend and colleague Robert Goapy (27) also a merchant and his wife Ann and baby Henry also leasing. (Source 1841 census)

1862 J.W Moore

1868 J.W Moore. Army Medical officer retired (Source: County Directory)

1878 J.W Moore

1883 John Wardop Moore (Source Ordnance Gazetter)

1885 J.Wardrop Moore of Greenhall (Heritors list from Annals of Blantyre)

1894 Wardrop Moore Esq, of Greenhall

1901 Major W Moore (County Directory)

1920s greenhall house1911/1912 Lt Colonel Wardrop Moore born 1862 at Greenhall, Married 1892, 2 children Nora and J Wardrop Moore (Strothers says he was the son of the late Dr Moore of Greenhall)

1921 Family of Ean Paul

1958 Family Duff

1960 Family of Matt & Hugh Nicholson (Peggy and Nicky Nicholson)

1961 Old English ELectric

1963 County Council

1967 house demolished. Greenhall now a park.

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  1. My mother worked at Green Hall,as a maid.She was only a young girl,born Stonefield Road in 1915.She often spoke of working for Paul’s of Green Hall.

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