Blantyre’s Christmas Past

This time ‘o year, let’s aw look back,
Tae Christmas past in Blantyre,
Cheers n laughin, jokes n gabbing,
wi family roon coal fires.

We close oor eyes, an see the past,
An mind thae days sae dear,
O’ friendships built, a love tae last,
wi folks nae longer here.

Wi’ festive cheer we toast oor kin,
Noo Bellies ur fill tae burstin,
drams ur poured an we ‘a know,
oor heids the morra be ‘hurtin.

Absent souls, who touched oor herts,
fur life’s light flickers sae fast,
Let’s raise a glass fur aw oor thoughts,
O’ Blantyre’s Christmas past.

By Paul Veverka © 2019

Pictured, my absent parents in 1970. Both gone, but very much remembered. Merry Christmas everybody!

Screenshot 2019-12-17 at 14.50.38

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  1. Very much the Blantyre we left and have missed our entire lives, your parents and your home look very much like the one we left in 1963! Proud of their TV it had to be in the pic, the clock in centre place on the mantelpiece, the xmas cards around the mantle piece tae, the pic above (we had a gilt mirror!)…it is so reminiscent, nostalgic and life validating, thank you so much for sharing as I dont have a pic like this to show my family … we tried to recreate here in NZ perhaps I can find one to compare. All the best for the season and a very happy new year!

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