Netta Paterson, 1950’s

Sheena King recently shared this charming photo.

Going back to the early 1950’s, it was taken outside a close at 7 John Street, Blantyre. This wee girl’s name is Netta Paterson. She lived with her brothers and sisters at number 5 John St.

Sheena told me, “My Grampa Wil Fleming lived at number 7. My Mum was widowed when I was 2, had to work, so every weekend I stayed in John St also every school holiday! I always say “ I’m from Blantyre” if asked! I went to college for shorthand/ typing, then landed a job as secretary at Calder St. School. I’m in Canada now, but still involved with Blantyre!”

There’s more than a hint of a scowl in that wee face. Whatever happened to Netta?

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