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Mary Nicol Neill Armour – Blantyre Artist

Mary Steele was born in Blantyre on 27th March 1902. She lived with her parents at their home near Victoria Street and when she was just 12, she won a scholarship to attend Hamilton Academy. Leaving behind Auchinraith Primary School, she attended the Academy between the years of 1914 and 1920. She was a gifted pupil, […]

The Bannatyne Daughters

Pictured here is Agnes and Elizabeth Bannatyne of Milheugh Estate, Blantyre. The lady without the necklace is Agnes Bannatyne who was painted in 1860 by the artist John Graham Gilbert. The same artist also painted her sister, Elizabeth, slightly earlier in the 1850’s, pictured here as the lady with the necklace. Both paintings were gifted […]