Blantyre Paintings by HT Rankine

More wonderful paintings by HT Rankine. Old Blantyre scenes painted in ink and watercolour in 1990. Pictured is the Village and High Blantyre Main Street in the 1920s.

Mr Rankine has captured the detail in the streets and people going about the daily business very well. I have the pleasure of owning these nice paintings, gifted to me and framed from Mrs Lees earlier this year. They are scanned and added to this collection, for I don’t know if my house walls can accommodate any more old Blantyre paintings!

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Trisha Mcginty I can remember the chip shop was at the Bus stop at the Cemetery Hall, it’s was a Tenement Building with the Spar shop at the corner & the chippy at the end & round the back was the stairs 4 the houses above the shops?

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  1. James Sneddon Dow

    I was born in the tenement with the chip shop at number 222. Next door were the MacMillans. Next to the chip shop was the tobacconist run by Joe and Mary Hobson. Mary eventually took over the general store in Broompark Road that was originally the Causeystanes Dairy of my Great Grandfather, Malcolm Dow. Next to the tobacconist was the butcher shop of my grandfather, Dan Dow. The shop was taken over by Sanny Graham and eventually by Iain Hobson, the son of Mary and Joe. Next to the butchers was the grocery (Nelson?) and then the post office (Mrs ??). The end, corner shop was used for various goods.
    Hamish Dow, son of Malcolm and Mina (Nee Sneddon)

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