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Zeigfield’s Nightclub, Blantyre

  Zeigfield’s nightclub – Nightclub owner James Mortimer bought the Hastie’s Farm development at 16 Victoria Street in 1985 as part of his Lanarkshire Holdings. He then changed the rear Hasties Restaurant into Zeigfields Nightclub and the front part of the building, formerly Bananas Disco, into Barnums. Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights were Disco nights […]

1980’s Zigfields, Victoria Street, Blantyre

This photo was taken in the 1980s and sent in from Garry who runs the Historic Hamilton website. Pictured is his father, Gus Sillars and the location is believed to be Barnums/Zigfields nightclub at Victoria Street, at a time when he worked there. Strangely, photos of Ziggys are few and far between. What’s your memories of Zigfields? Personally, I […]