Zeigfield’s Nightclub, Blantyre


1986 Zeigfields advertZeigfield’s nightclub – Nightclub owner James Mortimer bought the Hastie’s Farm development at 16 Victoria Street in 1985 as part of his Lanarkshire Holdings. He then changed the rear Hasties Restaurant into Zeigfields Nightclub and the front part of the building, formerly Bananas Disco, into Barnums.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights were Disco nights initially in 1986 from 10am until 2am. Admission was £2.50 on a Friday, £3 on a Saturday and £1 on a Sunday. Ziegfields 50/50 Thursday night was also incredibly popular.

On Thursdays, it was 50p to get in, and then 50p for a drink. People may remember buying a pint of diesel (snakebite and blackcurrent) or Pink Panthers. Amongst the workers was Gus Sillars. The phone number was 826060.

On Wednesday 5th February 1986, a local talent competition took place with the winner receiving £1,000. Tuesday 25th February 1986 was Ladies only night with a male stripper on show, including a basket meal for the £4 ticket price. The venue was also host to many birthday and private functions, but will forever be remembered for people in their teens, 20’s and into their 30’s that enjoyed the weekend discos.

Zeigfields closed in late 1989, a casualty of dropping trade from nearby competitors like Caspers and the growing popularity of clubs in Hamilton. The building lay derelict for almost a year when on Hogmanay 1990, the roof caught fire and the building was subsequently condemned, scheduled for demoition a few years later.

Zeigfields, (or Ziggy’s as it was nicknamed locally) remains a popular memory for many people whom, for their entertainment would often jump between Caspers Nightclub across Victoria Street and Ziggys, sometimes even on the same night!

From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2017

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Margaret Lappin Worked in the cloakroom when I was 17 and then moved onto bar duties when I was legal! Barnums and ZIggys, amazing memories of both!!
Joan Anderson I knew it when it was Hastie’s Farm owned by my Gran and Granpa. Happy memories
Sandra Garry Brilliant xx
Maureen McGilligan Downie Happy Memories xx
William Mullen saying nowt lol
William Mullen closed 89 ??? you sure ……was init 91
Arlene Campbell I’m sure I was in ziggys late 1989 .. would agree was later than this
The Blantyre Project Dec 1989, a few days off 1990. Will look out the exact date. Unless it closed and re-opened but i don’t recall that.
Arlene Campbell The Blantyre Project you could be right I was only 19 in 1989 and defo sure still there .. prob still going to the day it closed its doors 🤣
William Mullen defo open early 1990
period then re-opened for a very short time then in 1990. Not sure of the answer to that, as i have it recorded as ending in Dec 1989, unless that was a notice that things would be closing. As with every date, it needs to be accurate on this website, so I’ve marked it to look further.
William Mullen asked the x meet her march 90. said we init ……2 or3 times???
Trisha Mcginty Oh many good night I had in Ziggys 👍
Liz Docherty Sandra Brady many a good night in here xx except when u left me for yr chips xx
Diane Cunningham Loved it memories x
David Morris Quality club ha
Eleanor Connor Remember it well! .. 💚 💛
Liz McAllister Omg takes me back. Many a good night we had xx
Liz Dignall Definitely! Lots of memories xx
Catherine McLachlan Jacqueline Smith bet you remember this? ️Xxx
Kenny Davies Pints of Dieziel 50/50 night , Rubber 😂
Joanne Climson Aww plenty shenanigans in there
Fran Mcdermott Walters I worked there x
Karen Lowis I worked in it and socialised in it too lots of great memories
June Robertson Aye we did Liz those were the days x
Billy Martin Spent many a good night there
Sandra Brady Ha ha brilliant the good old days x
Esther Reeves Great memories in there loved it brings back to my younger years xx
Stevie Mclean Wee Billy stoddart bought the phone box from rascals and moved it upty pville.
The Blantyre Project good wee bit of trivia there. Thanks for that!
Stevie Mclean The phone box had originally come from bowling in dumbartonshire as was stamped on inside!!
JaneAnne Hendry Lot of good nites lol x
Pamela Kennedy What a lots of fun memories from this place. 😜
Helen Stark-Beveridge My dad was the Dj in there James Stark great memories as a wee girl 😊
Joyce Rooney Great fun with Starky and big Gus xx
Helen Stark-Beveridge Seems like yesterday I used to run around and annoy you’s lol xxx
Joyce Rooney Wish I could go back to those times Helen xxx
Marie Rodwell I worked the top bar in ziggys for years . My mum and dad worked has hasties. Dad did the door . Mum did the kitchen and waitress
Joyce Rooney I worked with you and Marianne. Many a laugh Marie
Marie Rodwell Yea we sure did most of the time we were more pissed than the customers lol
Elaine Petriat Oh yes, remember it well. Before it opened, they carried out interviews for staff in the parkville. I went along and got offered a job . What a laugh we had, Yvonne Mc Quade Shaw; James Cushley; Ann Lilley some of my co-workers. Not forgetting that we had to wear wee pink shorts with pink and white striped blouses (apart from James, of course). All the female bar staff were encouraged to enter the Miss Stella Artois competition an Yvonne Mc Quade Shaw got through to the big final in Glasgow. The staff used to stay back for a drink then head over to the Little Chef on the motorway for food at 4 in the morning. Brilliant times🤣🤣🤣
Gus McCorquodale Happy days loved a pint of diesel
The Blantyre Project the old snakebite and blackcurrant. I would love to order that now.
Margo Robertson They were the days lyn! X
Lyn Lappin Marvellous.xx
Davy Thomson Many a good night in there,, with a wee winch at the end of the night (if the lassies were drunk enough) lol
Margaret Bunton Remember a diesel lol many a good night xx
Brian Kelly I worked at it as well great nights
Janette Morton So many memories xx
John Cornfield You know how it is Wullie many people have tried to split us through for whatever reasons but we r 1
John Krawczyk Remember stumbling in and out of there a few times. Good memories in Blantyre
Louise Morris Worked there just before it closed gus was the boss worked the top bar had to flash the lights for a bouncer if there was trouble 😜😜😜
Jeanette Izzett Lots of great times there lol

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