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Happy New Year!

“As I sign off to join in the festivities, all that’s left to say is Happy New Year! Wishing Blantyre Project’s 14,000 readers all over the world the best of health, good fortune and happiness in 2020. Here’s hoping it’s YOUR best year ever. Let’s recap on 2019 for a moment….with some highlights! Over 750 uniquely, […]

A correction

A couple of people have messaged today asking ‘did the Blantyre Pit Disaster happen at Dixon’s Pit 1’ after seeing that posted by ainother’s  Blantyre website today. To clarify. It didn’t. The information on that other page is (again) wrong. Rest assured, the Blantyre Pit Disaster happened at Dixons Pit 2 (Sydes Brae) and 3 […]