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Relatives gather at Auchinraith Pit

On Saturday 30th August 1930 a huge explosion in Auchinraith pit claimed the lives of 5 men. I researched the story in some detail here http://blantyreproject.com/2014/02/15/the-auchinraith-pit-disaster-1930/ Always amazed by the kindness of Blantyre people, I have to thank local man Alex Rochead for showing me this lesser known photo. Incredibly, preserved in some clarity is […]

Disrespectfully Robbing the dead

A story surfaced in the week that followed the 1877 pit disaster in Blantyre. Taken from the Scotsman archives of 27th October 1877: “Yesterday Thomas Gibbin, a labourer, having no fixed place of residence, was judicially examined before Sheriff Bernie at Hamilton Sheriff Court, and committed to prison pending further inquiries, on a charge of […]