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John Taggart of Baird’s Rows 1916

Anne Mikolay asked me, “My great grandfather, John Taggart, worked in the Bothwell Castle Colliery, and had a fatal accident on July 24, 1916. He and his wife and children lived in Shuttle Row. My research indicates notification of the accident was placed in the Hamilton Advertiser on August 12, 1916. Can you please tell […]

Relatives gather at Auchinraith Pit

On Saturday 30th August 1930 a huge explosion in Auchinraith pit claimed the lives of 5 men. I researched the story in some detail here http://blantyreproject.com/2014/02/15/the-auchinraith-pit-disaster-1930/ Always amazed by the kindness of Blantyre people, I have to thank local man Alex Rochead for showing me this lesser known photo. Incredibly, preserved in some clarity is […]