Relatives gather at Auchinraith Pit

On Saturday 30thAuchinraith mining disaster info August 1930 a huge explosion in Auchinraith pit claimed the lives of 5 men. I researched the story in some detail here

Always amazed by the kindness of Blantyre people, I have to thank local man Alex Rochead for showing me this lesser known photo. Incredibly, preserved in some clarity is a photograph of women, men and children gathering at the Auchinraith Pit head waiting to hear more about the incident and quite likely, waiting to see if their men were ok. It must have been a trying and worrying time although some of the kids look like they’ve hit the boredom threshold and started to play.

The picture is so clear, it could have been taken recently! I find it amazing also that we actually know the exact date of the photo too.

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