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Murdoch Motor Cycle Accident

A somewhat serious accident befell upon Blantyre man  John Murdoch (22) on Wednesday 27th March 1929.  John was the son of Willium Murdoch, owner of the Commercal Bar, a wine and spirit merchant in Stonefield Road, Blantyre. John Murdoch was a motor driver employed the Tramways Company, a job he would only have for  a few months later, owing […]

The Clyde Railway Viaduct Bridge

At the farthest Northern extent of Blantyre on the River Clyde is the Clyde Railway Bridge. This was modeled in a similar style to Bothwell Bridge, but was located far downstream spanning between Blantyre and Uddingston. Located just North of Boat Jocks house, the Railway Bridge was constructed in 1849 for the Caledonian Railway. A […]