Murdoch Motor Cycle Accident

A somewhat serious accident befell upon Blantyre man  John Murdoch (22) on Wednesday 27th March 1929.  John was the son of Willium Murdoch, owner of the Commercal Bar, a wine and spirit merchant in Stonefield Road, Blantyre.

John Murdoch was a motor driver employed the Tramways Company, a job he would only have for  a few months later, owing to the lifting of the tram-rails throughout Lanarkshire. At 5 o’clock, on that Wednesday morning he was one his motor cycle heading to his work, when an accident occurred at the vicinity of the Clyde bridge between Hamilton and Motherwell. His cycle was thrown heavily against a pole. Officials from the depot were quickly on the spot, but it was found necessary to remove him to the Royal Infirmary where examination proved that he had broken his kneecap.

Johns route to work must have been greatly improved for the Clyde Bridge leading from Hamilton to Motherwell had only just been built the year before. (pictured) It looked then rather different from now, and had a massive ornamental arch spanning over the top of it, which today has been removed. (pictured)

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Alistair Morrow The bridge was built c1930 …. the Coronation arch was between the bridge and the modern day crossroads of Strathy Park and Airbles Road. Built for the Queen’s Coronation in 1953 it only lasted til the late 60’s due to corrosion. Ironic since it was built at Motherwell Bridge just up the road

Henry Hambley I was sad when this structure was removed.

Davie McKinnon I am positive this was my wife’s uncle,his grandson also called John Murdoch stays in Blantyre, is there anyway of finding out ?

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