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Blantyre Farms & Agriculture

It has been previously written in 2004 by a respected late Blantyre author that Blantyre had 26 farms. Unfortunately, this is something I don’t agree with. Within Blantyre Parish, I’m proposing there were actually 38 farms. Listing them in alphabetical order, there were/are as follows: 1 Auchentibber Farm 2 Bardykes Farm 3 Barnhill Farm 4 Barnhill Wee Farm 5 […]

1950s Calderside Farm

Thank you to Jim Cochrane for sharing this photo of Calderside Farm. Taken in the 1950’s, Jim was able to give me some more information meaning I could update my article about Calderside Farm, here http://blantyreproject.com/2014/09/17/calderside-farm-pits-auchentibber/ Jim told me, “the house dates back to 1825, but the buildings around it are much older, dating between […]