1915 List of Blantyre Farmers

1915 Blantyre Farmers , provided by Jim Cochrane

1915 Blantyre Farmers , provided by Jim Cochrane

I’m posting this just as a reference aid for anybody interesting in Blantyre Farms. Thanks to Jim Cochrane for supplying this little list of Blantyre Farms, which although not exhaustive of all farms, certainly provides a great record of the owners of many of them at the turn of the 20th Century.

This little list below shows farms in Blantyre around 1915 and who the farmers were at the time. Its not exhaustive of all farms but certainly provides a great record for the turn of the 20th Century. With 25 listed, you can see what an important aspect of life, Blantyre farming was at the time and it would have been a good source of local employment.
William ANDERSON, Lodgehill
Robert ATKINSON, Burnbrae Farm
Stephen BOYD, Blantyre Farm
Archibald BROWN, Boathouse
Robert CLARK, Laighlyloch Farm
William CLELLAND, Birdsfield Farm
Alexander CRAIG, Bellsfield Farm
James DICKSON, Newfield Farm
Mary DICSKON, Broomhouse Farm
C&A FORREST, Blantyre Works Farm
Alexander IMRIE, Stewartfield
Andrew JACKSON, Coatshill Farm
Thomas JACKSON, Blantyre Park Farm
Thomas & Neil MCNEIL, Calderside & Edge Farms
Thomas MCWILLIAM, Greenhall Farm
Alexander MILLER, Wheatlandhead Farm
John MORROW, Blantyre Muir
James F MURDOCH, East and West Haughead Farms
John SCOTT, Crossbasket Farm
William SCOTT, Priestfield Farm
Archibald STRUTHERS, Shott Farm
Thomas WATSON, Broompark Farm
John WEIR, Back Priestfield Farm
Mrs WILSON, Craigknowe Farm
Robert WILSON, Auchentibber Farm
It may surprise you to know I’ve found 44 farms in and around Blantyre over the years of researching. If interested, you can find out more about these here: https://blantyreproject.com/blantyre-farms/

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