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Research into Blantyre’s Ministers, Pastors and Priests is a project I’ve been working on for some time, intending to tell their stories from throughout the ages. Over 81 clergy have so far been exclusively researched on Blantyre Project, including:

Ministers, Pastors & Priests: James Anderson, Bailey, Baillie, Barker, Rev John C Battel, Berrie, Blackwood, Boyd, Brown, Burleigh, Campbell, Chirnsyde, Clyde, Condon, Connoll, Crombie, Dale, Davidson, Dempsie, Despard, Dickson, Donnelly, Eagan, Falconer, Finlayson, Finnie, Frew, Frawley, Gallagher, Gibb, Gloag, Gorman, Gregory, Hamilton, Hart, Henderson, Heriott, Hodgson, Hugh, Hunter, Kyle, Landesse, Leslie, Levision, MacDonald, MacKay, MacKenzie, Mackie, Mackintosh, MacMillan, McAuslan, McDiarmid, McDonald, McKenzie, McLagalan, McNair, Mitchell, Murray, Notman, O’Halloran, O’Price, Paterson, Patterson, Porter, Pryde, Purdie, Reid, Roberts, Alexander W Ross, Sarah Ross, Sainty, Sangstare, Rev Thomas Shanks, Sharpe, Sheehan, Silcox, Smith, Stevenson, Thomson, Turnbull, Welsh Wilkie, Wilson, Wood, Wright, Wylie, Younger and Zambonini.

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* This page is currently under construction. Stories have been drafted for all the people above and are being uploaded in due course. Please be patient whilst we enhance and enlarge the website.

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